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Submission to the News Media Assistance Program Consultation

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)'s submission to the News Media Assistance Program Consultation makes key recommendations around the availability and accessibility of news and journalism and media literacy support. It outlines the citical role of libraries in providing equality of access to news media, and support and challenges required to support this role.
The following recommendations are made:

Submission in response to the Inquiry into Literacy and Numeracy in ACT Public Schools

Australian Coalition for School Libraries's (ACSL) submission to the Expert Panel to endorse the submission from Emily Squires, Rebecca Cameron and Sally Allen and its recommendations: 
1. As a matter of equity, a target that every ACT public school student has access to a well resourced school library run by qualified staff. 
2. That the Education Directorate develop a central register on the provision, resourcing and staffing of school libraries to provide a source of data to track impact on literacy and numeracy outcomes.

Anne Harrison Award: research hot topics (2024)

Miss Anne Harrison (1923-1992) was librarian-in-charge of the Brownless Medical Library at the University of Melbourne (1949-1983), and founder of the Central Medical Library Organisation (1953-1994). She helped pioneer the introduction of Medline into Australia, and was a founder of the Australian Medical Librarians Group in the early 1970s, and later of the LAA Medical Librarians Section (now ALIA Health Libraries Australia). 

ALIA Board Charter

The ALIA Board Charter sets out the roles of the Board, the President, the Chief Executive Officer, the Directors, the Board Committees and the Company Secretary, in order to facilitate Board and management accountability for ALIA’s performance and strategic direction.

ALIA core values policy statement

A thriving culture, economy, environment and democracy requires the free flow of information and ideas. Australia's library and information services are fundamental to the free flow of information and ideas and a legacy to each generation, conveying the knowledge of the past and the promise of the future.
Library and information services professionals commit themselves to the core values of their profession as described in the Australian Library and Information Association values statement.

Mapping of TAFE Libraries: Updated 2023

The VET Libraries Advisory Committee advises the ALIA Board of Directors on the development of a strategic program for members working in vocational libraries or with interests in vocational librarianship. 
The document records institutions, contacts and participation in the National Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme among vocational libraries. 
This document replaces: "Mapping of TAFE Libraries: Updated 2021" 


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