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ALIA Professional Pathways in school libraries project [slides]

This seminar presentation (PowerPoint slides), presents a summary of the School Libraries Research Project conducted by Dr Lyn Hay for the ALIA Professional Pathways Project. This includes an overview of the project itself and key findings relating to school library and employee demographics; school library positions and roles; qualifications and qualification pathways.

Need for read

Article from INCITE September/October 2022 Volume 43 Issue 5.
Interview with Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie, author and illustrator of The Speedy Sloth. The Speedy Sloth has been selected as ALIA's National Simultaneous Storytime book in 2023.

Library technicians and technical services in Queensland Government libraries [slides]

This paper aims to look at the changes within the Queensland Government library sector which have come about due to service and staffing cuts taking place in and around 2012.
In early 2012 library technicians were well represented in Government and special libraries in Queensland, until staffing cuts took positions in all areas and levels of government. Amongst others, library staff were identified as ‘non-frontline’ and cuts to library staffing and services were undertaken as cost saving measures.


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