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Submission to Australian Universities Accord Discussion Paper

ALIA’s submission to the Australian Universities Accord Discussion Paper proposes five overarching recommendations to inform the long-term plan for Australia’s higher education sector. Recommendations include: reduction of fees for Commonwealth supported places for library and information studies; support for smaller and niche industry courses; recognition of industry accreditation; support for open educational resources and open scholarship; and recognition and adequate resouricing for the work of university libraries, archives and other information services. 

Sustainable Development Goals: Stretch targets baseline report March 2023 update

10 Sustainable Development Goal stretch targets are proposed for libraries in Australia from 2020-2030. Targets address literacy; access to knowledge; equitable access; culture and heritage; sustainable communities; contribution to health and wellbeing; diversity and gender equality; lifelong learning; and global citizenship. 
The report tracks the current status of lead agencies against the SDG stretch targets in March 2023. 

ALIA submission to the inquiry into the National Cultural Policy "Revive", March 2023

This submission from the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) highlights some of the significant advances under Revive of particular importance to Australia’s library community, and areas where we are looking to build by working further with the Australian Government, creators, the book industry, the cultural heritage sector and the wider community as the plan is iterated.


Committees and groups review

ALIA groups and committees are an essential part of the life of the Association and the LIS sector in Australia. Groups and committees are run by energetic and committed volunteer ALIA members who generously give their time to create active and vibrant professional networks that contribute to the sector in a variety of ways, from running professional learning and social events through to the creation of sector standards and the provision of advice to the ALIA Board.


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