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Policies and Procedures in Australian School Library Resource Centres: Template

A template document for the Manual for developing policies and procedures for Australian school library resource centres that can be used to update or prepare your own school library copy. Its aim is to develop the policies and document the procedures that are essential for exemplary management practices. The implementation of these policies and procedures will ensure that there is equitable access to resources for all users.

ALIA Community on Resource Description Terms of Reference 2019

The ALIA Community on Resource Description (ACORD) is a new ALIA Advisory Committee and Special Interest Group which aims to support the Australian resource description community. ACORD carries forward the role previously played by the Australian Committee and Cataloguing (ACOC), which dissolved in May 2019, after 40 years of serving the Australian cataloguing and resource description community. 

ALIA Student Award

The Association provides an award to recognise the highest achieving graduating student in every ALIA Accredited librarianship and library technician course, as a means of rewarding excellence.
Educators should complete the application form four weeks before a graduation ceremony or conferring in absentia and email it to

2019 Information Awareness Month: Many voices, one message

On 1 May 2019, 60 people joined professional associations and industry leaders at the University of Canberra for discussions on contemporary information and data management trends and challenges. The event also launched Information Awareness Month for 2019 with the theme ‘Innovation with Information’.
The document summarises discussions and key themes presented by Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia, Australian Library and Information Association, Australian Society of Archivists and Data Management Association Australia.


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