Newsletter (February 1977)

ALIA Library

Medical Librarians' Group (Victorian Branch)

Contents: New members welcomed including Norma Worswick, Ballarat Base Hospital, Berta Mansourian, Southern Memorial Hospital, Karen Roberts, Frankston Community Hospital; memorial tribute to Thora Grey; salary scales of medical librarians; thanks for Hospital Library Manual Pro-Forma; thanks for book list; draft journal list; list of medical librarians in Adelaide available; course for Untrained Medical Librarians approved by Hospitals and Charities Commission; role of Pat Nakouz expanded to Manager of Commission's Library; The Librarian in the Changing World of Medicine document deposited at the State Library of Victoria; Library Directory A4 with holes for ring binding; relationship of MLG with LAA - to discuss whether to remain separate or affiliate, The MLG was founded as a result of united common interests and a necessity to advance the needs of medical libraries. At the foundation there were too few professional members of the LAA to fill its requirements for affiliation as a section and so the MLG started independently with the approval of the LAA but without formal acknowledgement. The Law and Music Libraries were recruiting similarly. Members were asked to consider the future of the MLG - to continue as a separate and independent group, striving for a national framework, or, given that a large proportion of members are already professional members of the LAA, become affiliated? The LAA plans to introduce reduced rates for participation in seminars, conferences, etc to members. The LAA would provide a constitutional, administrative and regional framework - to be discussed further; Darwin Hospital Librarian requests assistance - sent book list and manual pro-forma; report on Medline demonstration by Fay Baker, Sandra Russell, Suzy Pacher, Bruce Davidson and Monash Biomedical Library staff; Addendum to February 1977 Newsletter on Medline charges by Monash University and the University of Melbourne.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.