Australian libraries: the digital economy within everyone’s reach

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Australian Library and Information Association

ALIA Report produced for the Australian Government consultation entitled Digital Economy Opening the Conversation, November 2017
The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) recognises that in the rapidly changing digital environment, libraries are among the best-equipped and most experienced organisations to take advantage of innovation and adapt to new challenges. Utilising new technologies and enabling the community to access services quickly and easily is a fundamental library function. Libraries build and foster people’s information and digital literacies. They create a safe and encouraging environment, provide a trusted source of digital advice and in many cases are the only internet and digital access for many members of their communities. Their collections provide a comprehensive source of unique knowledge and information, available to re-invent, re-use and explore online. Libraries should be at the core of planning how best to negotiate the digital economy, and ensuring that every member of the community has access to services and can take advantage of the opportunities it presents. They have been essential in providing the training, access and information required to do this for decades, and will continue to do so far into the future.

Deakin, ACT: Australian Library and Information Association