Engaging stakeholders: the key to success in research data management services at UQ Library

ALIA Library

Yu, Fei; Morgan, Helen

National 2016 Conference, 29 August-2 September 2016 Adelaide: Engage Create Lead
This conference presentation (PowerPoint slides) supports the paper which discusses the strategies and approaches adopted over the past five years to engage and maintain relationships with the multiple critical stakeholders, and share the tangible outcomes achieved by developing the Research Data Management Services at UQ Library.
Research data form an integral part of a researchers’ scholarly outputs. Research data can be a valuable resource, which can often be repurposed and future research can build upon, but more importantly research data provide critical evidence for validating the results of research. In recognising the significance of research data, the government, funding bodies and the general public increasingly demand open data for sharing and re-use. Evidently, to be able to share and re-use, research data need to be well-managed and securely stored. With the skills and knowledge of information preservation and curation, and with their extremely flexible and responsive attitude, academic librarians can be instrumental in providing training and advice for managing, preserving, sharing and re-use of research data (Cox & Pinfield, 2014; Brown, Wolski & Richardson, 2015).
Because of their knowledge and skillset, academic librarians can potentially play a vital role in providing research data management services to researchers. However, for these services to be successful, it is imperative for the librarians to build and maintain relationships with both internal and external stakeholders at all levels. The Research Data Management Team are supported by faculty librarians to provide infrastructure, advice, and training to UQ Research Higher Degree (RHD) students and researchers.

Deakin, ACT : Australian Library and Information Association
University of Queensland