From format to function: achieving transformational change

ALIA Library

McDonald, Vicki

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger
This conference presentation explains how driven by a need to reduce its operating budget, the State Library of New South Wales embarked on a Review Program to capitalise on its investment in technology, and position itself to tackle future needs and challenges – particularly in the digital environment.
Rather than 'tweaking' the current structure, the collection management function [CMF] review provided an opportunity to consider the management of our collections from a life cycle approach and align our branch structure to that cycle.  It has considered the skills and knowledge required to undertake key activities, and reimagined that capability into a new structure supported by new governance and revised policies and procedures.
In reality, the CMF has achieved transformational change in how we manage our collections and represents the most significant realignment of staff ever undertaken within the SLNSW.  The new structure has 23 roles:  no role remains the same.   And, this review has been undertaken in the context of an organisation undergoing broad change and implementing new enterprise systems. 
This presentation outlines how one major Australian research library has responded to the challenges encountered by the sector.  It will explain the review process undertaken to achieve the new structure, the outcomes and the way forward.

Deakin, ACT : Australian Library and Information Association
New South Wales
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License