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National vision and framework 2010 - 2015. Document 1 of 3: strategic overview for the library sector

Developed by the Australian Library & Information Association, in partnership with Public Libraries Australia, Friends of Libraries Australia, State and Territory Libraries, ACT Library and Information Services and the state public library associations

This overview is intended for library professionals, to explain the background to the development of the national vision and framework for public libraries and to provide information that can be used in support of local business cases

Australian Public Library Alliance achievements 2010-2015

The ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA) is the peak body for public libraries in Australia. Our committee comprises the chair of every state-based public library association, a senior representative from the ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmanian library services, and expert members. We represent 94% of all the 1500 public libraries across Australia through membership subscription.

The library and information agenda 2013

This document summarises how people who work in the library and information field want the new Australian Government to engage with library and information services during its term of office. In the run up to the federal election, we will be lobbying for The Library and Information Agenda – four themes and 10 items which we believe are essential for promoting literacy, enabling citizens to be well informed, supporting socially inclusive communities and contributing to the success of Australia as a knowledgebased economy. 

Advocacy action planning workbook

Is your library service well funded, valued, secure? Few library services in Australia and worldwide can answer a resounding yes to this question. Even those that are currently in a good position sense that it only needs a change in council or a new executive who doesn’t appreciate the role and worth of public libraries for the environment to change. A planned advocacy campaign is a way of influencing the long term outcome for your library service  


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