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Newsletter No.3 (July 1983)

Contents: SA MLS is compiling a union list of serials held in medical libraries in South Australia; proposal to change name to Health Libraries Section; report on the Victorian Drug Information Centre at the Royal Melbourne Hospital; proposed Directory of Online Search Services in Australia; draft statistics form for hospital libraries; peer review; patient education information.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter No.1 (February 1983)

Contents: voucher-only LAA membership category for libraries below $25,000 per annum; Queensland Branch of Medical Libraries Section has been formed; audio-visual update one day seminar held at Ballarat Base Hospital was a success; legal responsibility of librarians; legal liability for providing misleading information; duty of care in giving information or advice. Executive: Susan Liepa, Joan Martin, Anne McLean, Stacey McKeown, Brenda Lee, Kathleen Gray.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (October 1978)

Contents: Committee: Karen Bickerton, Chairman, Fay Baker, Vice-Chairman, Jane Oliver, Secretary; basic book list Sub-Committee comprises May McKeown, Gayle Edwards and Norma Worswick; most libraries are participating in the LAA Interlibrary Loan Voucher system; revised journal list prepared by Ann McGalliard ready for publication.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (June 1978)

Contents: ruling from LAA allows MLG to request funding as a Special Interest Group for special projects; journal list update; part-time librarians appointed to Mount Royal Special Hospital for the Aged and the Mt Eliza Geriatric Centre; report of talk by Trevor Topfer, Training Manager, Hoechst Pharmaceutical Department, on the role of the librarian in patient education; report on joint meeting with the Information Science Section (Victorian Group) of the LAA on Medline: its present use and plans for future development, speakers: Sandra Russell (Monash University), Anne Harrison (Universit

Newsletter (February 1978)

Contents: report from AMLG National Council meeting, 28th August 1977, Hobart, by Sandra Russell: 5 clauses of the Constitution were amended; George Franki will continue to compile the national newsletter; Shirley Liki, Department of Health, Canberra will be the next Convenor; Don Jamieson, Otago University, New Zealand, will maintain contacts with New Zealand; full text of the Amended Constitution, 28th August 1977; report by Sandra Russell of talk by Fiona Wright, Toastmistress' International, on how committee meetings are run.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (October 1977)

Contents: three day workshop held at the Mayfield Centre by Pat Nakouz, Anne McLean, Anne Harrison, Amy Bush and Enid Meldrum for untrained library clerks; Ann McGalliard to co-ordinate Library Directory afterresignation of Heather McDonald; Committee: Elizabeth Osborn, Chairman, Anne McLean, Vice-Chairman/Treasurer, Margaret Kerr, Secretary.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (May 1977)

Contents: Workshop for untrained library clerical personnel working in small hospital libraries promoted by Pat Nakouz; newsletter exchange with New Zealand Medical Librarians; amendment sheets for Medical Libraries Directory - 40 contributing libraries; AACOBS Interlibrary Loan Code of August 1976; reports on pharmaceutical information and the Derwent patents database.
Original document held in ALIA House, Canberra.

Newsletter (February 1977)

Contents: New members welcomed including Norma Worswick, Ballarat Base Hospital, Berta Mansourian, Southern Memorial Hospital, Karen Roberts, Frankston Community Hospital; memorial tribute to Thora Grey; salary scales of medical librarians; thanks for Hospital Library Manual Pro-Forma; thanks for book list; draft journal list; list of medical librarians in Adelaide available; course for Untrained Medical Librarians approved by Hospitals and Charities Commission; role of Pat Nakouz expanded to Manager of Commission's Library; The Librarian in the Changing World of Medicine document deposited

Newsletter (November 1976)

Contents: Mrs Drury thanked on her retirement as voluntary librarian at Ballarat Hospital; Elizabeth Ross appointed as Librarian, School of Nursing, Prince Henry's Hospital; circular advising the appointment of Pat Nakouz as Regional Medical Librarian sent to medical administrators of all hospitals by the Hospital and Charities Commission; letter from Chief Medical Officer, Dr.


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