Evaluation of University of Queensland library spaces: three case studies at St Lucia campus

Abassi, Neda; Tucker, Richard; Fisher, Kenn; Gerrity, Robert

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger

This conference presentation reports on an evaluation study of spaces in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSHL), Biological Sciences (BSL) and Walter Harrison Law (WHLL) Libraries of the University of Queensland (UQ). The study was part of an evaluation of the quality and patterns of use of spaces in UQ libraries, which aimed to propose recommendations for future improvements and decision-making.

This presentation is a study of areas of weakness in existing SSHL spaces, and impacts of the refurbishment of spaces at BSL and WHLL on students’ experiences. The findings evidence a link between students’ learning experiences and the quality of library spaces.

Deakin, ACT : Australian Library and Information Association