Government aid to libraries

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ALIA submission to Inquiry into the effects of the ongoing efficiency dividend on smaller public sector agencies, July 2008

This submission from the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) discusses the immense and valuable contribution that the National Library of Australia (NLA) provides to all Australians. The NLA plays a pivotal and crucial role in the intellectual life of Australia. This role has a direct effect on the economic prosperity and social health of Australia, as well as on the continuing vitality of Australia’s culture and heritage. The value of the National Library and its collections, most especially as a legal deposit collection, is absolutely vital to our democracy.

Submission in response to the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee review into telecommunications services in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia, August 2018

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA) welcome the opportunity to respond to the Regional Telecommunications Review 2018. ALIA and APLA recommend that consideration be given to a new funding stream to support libraries and enable them to provide digital programs and services, particularly in regional, rural and remote locations. Introducing a sustainable funding model would ensure equity of access to the benefits of new technologies for all Australians and help bridge the widening digital divide.

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