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Worth every cent and more: an independent assessment on the return of investment of health libraries in Australia [infographic]

This infographic refers to a study released in 2013 which suggests that hospitals, government departments, associations and other organisations involved in healthcare gain a $9 return for every dollar they invest in health libraries.

Submission in response to the teaching, training and research costing studying public consultation paper - independent hospital pricing authority (IHPA) - December 2014

This paper is submitted as feedback to the IHPA (Independent Hospital Pricing Authority) public consultation paper prepared by Paxton Partners ‘Teaching, training and research costing study’ issued in December 2014.

The Executive of HLA is greatly concerned at the omission in the public consultation paper of the role performed by health libraries, and by information technology in general, in the paper prepared by Paxton Partners on the creation of an appropriate classification (costing study) for teaching, training and research (TTR).

Worth every cent and more: an independent assessment of the return on investment of health libraries in Australia. Summary

Health Libraries Inc (based in Victoria) and Health Libraries Australia (a national group of the Australian Library and Information Association) commissioned award-winning firm SGS Economics and Planning to survey health libraries across the nation and from this to assess the return on the annual investment in these services to their organisations. 

The community returns generated by Australian 'special' libraries

A consortium of library associations including the Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN), Australian Law Librarians’ Association (ALLA), Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), Health Libraries Australia (HLA) and Health Libraries Inc (HLI) has worked with SGS Economics & Planning Pty Ltd (SGS) in the prepartion of this report.

Worth every cent and more: an independent assessment of the return on investment of health libraries in Australia

The purpose of this report is to assist library and information professionals to present the business case for health libraries within their organisation. By doing so, we hope health libraries will be able to maintain their excellent service to medical practitioners; a service which impacts directly on positive health outcomes for patients.

Yes we can! Communicating library value to a parent body

ALIA National 2014 Conference, 15-19 September 2014 Melbourne : together we are stronger
This conference presentation describes The University of Queensland (UQ) Library’s journey towards systematically measuring and communicating its value to its parent body. Work began with the re-establishment of the Library Quality and Assessment Advisory Group (QuAAG) early in 2013.


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